Olam sources from a direct and indirect global network of farmers, the vast majority of whom are smallholders.

    We provide sustainability support to over 900,000 smallholders, and so we’re in a unique position to drive positive impact at Farmgate. And where we don’t have a physical presence, digital technology is helping us bridge the gap.

    Traceability with Transparency

    Olam Direct is our in-house app, and is part of our digital origination model to bring transparency and traceability to the agricultural supply chain.

    Connecting Rural Farmers

    Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS) allows our field staff to collect data, record GPS data points for farms and social infrastructure, manage training activities and much more.

    Revolutionary Sustainability Insights

    From field to factory gate, AtSource helps customers shape change on the ground and meet multiple social and environmental targets, increasing resilience in supply chains.

    About Sustainability

    We recognise the importance of collaboration to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and make true impact across our sector. If you are keen to collaborate or have an idea to discuss, please contact our team.

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